EPR 30-20

Strong chain saws

Technical parameters
Voltage230–240 V
Rated power2 000 W
Guide bar length300 mm
Chain speed12 m/s
Saw chain 
… Chain pitch3/8" 
… Gauge of the chain1,3 mm
… Number of chain links45 
… TypeOregon 91-PX 045 
Chain lubricationAUTO 
Oil tank0,2 l
Weight4,2 kg
Order number00649050

Restriction of the starting current 16 A FastFix Runout brake

  • for harvesting of firewood, garden maintenance and works round the house
  • heavy-duty engine, rated power input of 2 000 W
  • run-out chain brake for safety of labour
  • chain brake in case of a kickback
  • automatic chain lubrication
  • chain replacement and stretching without use of any tool
  • restriction of the starting current for careful putting the machine into operation and for smooth reach of the running speed
  • solid toothed stop for safe saw support on the cut material
  • oil level gauge for check of oil level in the tank
  • Guide bar
  • saw chain
  • protective guide bar guard
  • Carton box

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