Heavy duty saws

Start Kit


Rated power 2 400 W, enables effortless work with excellent cutting results, cutting speed 12.5 m/s, run-out chain brake ensures high protection and safe labour of the operator, chain brake preventing kickback with immediate braking effect, simple chain replacement and tightening without use of any tool, start-up current limitation for smooth and safe device start-up, thermal protection preventing engine overload, solid toothed stop, chain catcher, automatic lubrication, oil level gauge, oil tank volume 200 ml, replaceable air filter preventing penetration of impurities into the engine, weight (without guide bar and chain) 4.4 kg.

Integral part of delivery: guide bar, saw chain, protective bar guard, cardboard box
EPR 35-24 A EPR 40-24 A EPR 45-24 A
Working bar length 350 mm Working bar length 400 mm Working bar length 450 mm
Order number of the set 65 403 598 Order number of the set 65 403 599 Order number of the set 65 403 600
143,33 excl. VAT 153,33 excl. VAT 166,66 excl. VAT
Start Kit can also be purchased separately