24-Display box GG

Garden gloves display box

Technical parameters
EAN 138590163878193 

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Order number65404551

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  • very comfortable to work with
  • excellent wear-and-tear resistance
  • breathable and functional material guarantee problem-free use
  • the gloves have an anti-slip gel coating on the fingertips and a thicker palm section
  • Velcro wrist straps
  • wide range of sizes for men and women
  • 3 pcs Nr. 65404545 (GG-S; Garden gloves size S)
  • 3 pcs Nr. 65404546 (GG-M; Garden gloves size M)
  • 3 pcs Nr. 65404547 (GG-L; Garden gloves size L)
  • 6 pcs Nr. 65404548 (GG-XL; Garden gloves size XL)
  • 6 pcs Nr. 65404549 (GG-XXL; Garden gloves size XXL)
  • 3 pcs Nr. 65404550 (GG-XXXL; Garden gloves size XXXL)