Product warning

Dear customers,

recently, some retailers have appeared on the market who sell products in an incomplete scope and of dubious quality under the NAREX brand, which is a violation of your rights.

In order to attempt to protect you against these fraudsters we would like to point out that NAREX products are sold exclusively by our contractual dealers.

Besides selling the products, they are also obligated to provide you with the following services:

  1. Free warranty repair for products purchased within the contractual dealers network. The list of the contractual dealers can be found on Products bought from non-contractual retailers can be complained about only with such a retailer while having to pay all the related costs.
  2. Original spare parts are guaranteed solely at the authorized service points. Narex s.r.o. cooperates only with these service points to deal with possible complaints by customers. The list of the service points can be found at
  3. Product presentation in the shop. That gives you the opportunity to become familiar with the machine before purchasing it.
  4. Professionally trained staff, who will inform you about the use, functions, and recommended maintenance of the chosen machine.
  5. Narex s.r.o. does not bear any responsibility for any possible damage to health or property related to the use of an NAREX brand product that has been produced or sold illegally.

If your retailer refuses to provide you with such services or if they are not able to ensure them, please inform us at

Your NAREX team