Vacuum cleaners

NAREX universal vacuum cleaners are suitable for dry and wet vacuuming. Easily handle common construction and workshop dirt which they collect into a filter bag or directly into the vacuum cleaner's container.

Thanks to their high and uncompromising suction power, they can handle dirt up to sizes equal to the interior diameter of the accessories. High-quality filtration system ensures efficient filtration of the outgoing air.

Vacuum cleaners equipped with the Press & Clean system offer efficient and easy cleaning of a dustclogged filter. After manual application of the Press & Clean system, the suction power and efficiency of the vacuum cleaner is restored back to optimal values.

Automatic filter cleaning system Auto Clean ensures constant high suction power without the need for the operator to intervene. The cleaning cycle is performed repeatedly every 30 seconds and the user can thus continue their work without interruption. Suction efficiency remains constantly high.

Thanks to robust design and the use of high-quality materials, the vacuum cleaners can handle even high load and rough handling. Rounded shapes without unpleasant sharp edges and corners enable comfortable handling. The compact design of the vacuum cleaners makes transport much easier.

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VYS 21-01

Art. Nr.: 65403607

Universal vacuum cleaner for dry and wet cleaning | Rated power: 1 000 W | | Rated power drain: 21 000 Pa | Bin volume: 20 l | |

VYS 25-21

Art. Nr.: 65403609

Compact and heavy-duty vacuum cleaner for assemblies | Rated power: 1 200 W | Max. connected device power input: 2 400 W | | | Rated power drain: 23 500 Pa

VYS 33-71 L

Art. Nr.: 65404591

Industrial vacuum cleaner with automatic filter cleaning | Rated power: 1 250 W | Max. connected device power input: 2 400 W | | | Rated power drain: 25 000 Pa