Drills can be used for drilling into most of the wellknown construction materials precisely and cleanly. Drilling into brick or concrete walls requires the use of an impact drill.

One of the biggest advantages of NAREX drills is time-tested quality of the motor and the transmission. Optimised gearing geometry in the new generation of drills significantly extends the service life of the machine and ensures quieter operation; aluminium gearbox improves the stability and cooling of the transmission system.

Ergonomic handle shape provides an ideal grip and precise pressure application directly to the drilling axis. Handling the machine is even more comfortable due to the machine's large on/off switch and easily accessible rotation direction switch. No high-quality drill would be complete without electronics which play a vital role in a smooth startup and speed control.

Aside from basic drilling functions, drills can also be used for screwing, grinding with a sanding extension or for mixing and stirring construction materials.

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