Authorized Dealer stamp


Narex Autorizovaný prodejce (Authorized Dealer) stamp is an exclusive recognition reserved for selected dealers of Narex electric hand tools. Dealers with this stamp guarantee you:

  • Responsive and individual approach;
  • Professional consulting by personnel trained on a regular basis;
  • Presentation and stock supply of the latest equipment and accessories;
  • Special offers;
  • Selection from NAREX original accessories;
  • Free trial of equipment at store;
  • Full sortiment of original spare parts;
  • Fast turnaround of warranty or non-warranty repair;
  • Regular updates about events and trade shows which NAREX participates in.

Dealers with this stamp are guaranteed to have a proper expertise, responsive approach to clients and ability to provide other services of our company Narex s.r.o.

For any queries, please contact us via our contact form on our website, by email at or on +420 481 645 183.

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