Impact wrenches

NAREX electric impact wrenches are synonymous with usage in demanding conditions in many areas of metalworking or heavy manufacturing, in the repair and maintenance of heavy construction machinery, in vehicular and railway traffic and in the installation of metal structures and longdistance lines. Thanks to their exceptional performance, they are suitable for fastening and unfastening a wide range of high-strength metric screw joints.

The robust, yet relatively simple design of the percussion mechanism of the wrenches is capable of creating very high tightening torques. When under load, the percussion mechanism transforms the power of the motor into even, rotary impacts, which is extremely important for fastening or unfastening even decrepit or rusted bolts.

Working with the impact wrenches is very simple and comfortable, since they do not stress the arms nor the attention of the operator (unlike, for instance, some of the more powerful drills or screwdrivers) due to their eliminating the potential for kickback.

In order to cover as wide a range of applications as possible, NAREX is one of only few companies that offers impact wrenches in both design categories:

♦ Short one-handed variant with a central handgrip, known as T-Shape, is well-balanced and offers a very favourable ratio between weight and maximum output.

♦ Extended two-handed variant with the main handgrip on the motor box, known as Gun-Shape, offers higher depth range, weight distribution across both arms, better control over the machine and a more secure twohanded grip.

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ESR 500 (T-Loc)

Art. Nr.: 65404193

Compact half-inch impact wrench | Rated power: 480 W | | Blows under load: 0–3 000 ipm | Max. tightening moment: 570 Nm | Tool clamping: 1/2" 

ESR 800 (T-Loc)

Art. Nr.: 65404195

Half-inch impact wrench for heavy-duty use | Rated power: 500 W | | Blows under load: 0–2 100 ipm | Max. tightening moment: 1 100 Nm | Tool clamping: 1/2"