The common features of NAREX electric saws are high output, modern design, reliability and easy handling. Based on the type of work, you can choose from an assortment of jig saws, circular saws and chain saws.

The jig saw, also known as a reciprocating saw, is one of the most universal electric tools. A jig saw allows the user to create fine curves, rounded shapes, circular cut-outs or precise straight cuts in various types of materials such as soft and hard wood, plywood or chipboard, but also plastics, steel sheets, ceramics of floor and roof covering. The reliability of all NAREX saw models is guaranteed by the use of high-quality construction components, ergonomic design, smart electronics for setting cutting speed based on the type of material, quick saw blade change and optimal and easy handling.

Hand-held electric circular saw is a very popular tool today and is an integral part of the kit for the majority of handymen and professionals from many fields. Structurally, it is a relatively simple machine and the key to its excellent utility properties and long service life is the quality of manufacturing and clever structural details. Compact circular saw EPK 16 D is suitable for transverse and longitudinal cuts in solid wood, board materials, plastic materials and aluminium profiles.

NAREX electric chain saws can aid you in quickly and safety performing routine work around the house when cutting wood and logs, pruning or cutting down trees. Compared to petrol saws, NAREX electric chain saws have clear advantages: they are ecofriendly, do not require demanding maintenance and run more quietly, they are equipped with all the necessary safety features and guarantee efficient cutting with minimum effort thanks to a powerful motor, regardless of the model.

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