12× ABX 5

ergonomic measuring tape display box abx 5 – 65405277 1 # sticker_description_8 #

Ergonomic measuring tape display box ABX 5

Technical parameters
Max. length5 m
Width22 mm
EAN 138590163876076 

more parameters

Order number65405277

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  • The NAREX ergonomic measuring tape is made of flexible ABS plastic and features a rubberised gripping surface and a large button for releasing the tape lock
  • The measuring tape features a precise, nylon-coated tape resistant to wear, dual-steel end hooks for a perfect hold, belt clip, automatic tape lock and a two-sided, easily-legible metric scale
  • The NAREX professional measuring tape is built for high loads and frequent use during horizontal and vertical measurement and fully complies with EU accuracy class II.
  • Horizontal extension of tape without support is 2.0 m
  • 12 pcs Nr. 65405276 (ABX 5 )