12× HX LED 150

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Pocket LED light "HALLOWEEN" display box

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Are you a proponent of traditional leisure activities? Are you an enthusiastic sports person, tourist, cottager or "just" a parent? Do you pass on your vast experience to your closest friends and young ones? Do you spend free time with your children and care strongly about their safety? Do you like fun?

The latest collection of torches NAREX HX LED 150 is just for you, combining high-quality and affordable lighting with the popular Halloween theme.

The torches are fitted with a spotlight with the latest LED (COB) chip technology, powered by three 1.5 V AAA batteries. Max. run time is dependent on the quality of the batteries used and can amount to up to 15 hours. Magnetic clip on the rear allows attaching onto metal surfaces or hanging from a loop onto e.g. a backpack, duffel bag or school bag.

  • 12 pcs Nr. 65405281 (HX LED 150 )