NAREX electro-pneumatic drilling hammers are designed primarily for impact-drilling into hard construction materials, such as reinforced concrete, standard and rubble concrete, concrete prefabs and natural stones; tangentially also for non-impact drilling into soft construction materials and very marginally for driving.

The high effi ciency of impact-drilling is ensured by an electro-pneumatic mechanism which, unlike in impact drills, uses a "cylinder – piston – ram – tool" mechanism and a simple fastening system (SDS-plus) to enable loss-free transmission of energy from the machine to the tip of the tool and its linear reversible motion. The end result is a high force produced by the tool without the need for increased pressure on the machine on the part of the user, all the while drilling with large-diameter tools that are beyond the range of possibilities for classic impact drills!

Hammers designated as "combined" are multipurpose machines fitted with a mechanism for eliminating the rotary movement of the tool and using the full energy of the machine for chiselling motions. Hammers designated as "chiselling" hammers are single-purpose machines without the ability to drill.

The latest model series of NAREX hammers builds on an exceptionally durable and compact design, characterised by very low operating costs and simple regular maintenance.

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Installation Chisel Hammer CVS | Tool clamping: SDS-plus  | Rated power: 850 W | No load impacts: 0–5 000 ipm | Impact energy: 4,0 J |